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  • "Sweetest Sweets"
  • "We Strive For Perfection"
  • "The Friendliest Professionals"

Our Products

Every item we produce is carefully designed, cooked, tested and served.

Baklawa Mixture

Mix of the traditional Baklawa with different shapes and taste. (Asabeh, ballourieh, basma, borma, kol w shkor, nabelsieh, otaa, taj el malak)

Kaak bi Halib

Soft small circular milk flavored bread.


Fingerlike pieces of dough stuffed with ground pistachios, served with natef.


Baked crumbly semolina dough mixture with almond pieces on top or a sprinkle of coconut.

Petit Four

Circular and oblong crumbly pieces of stuffed cookies.

Znoud El Sett

Cylindrical fried dough, stuffed with Kashta and sprinkled with sugar syrup, pistachios and zahr el laymoun.

Our New Factory

A state of the art sweets factory located in Jdeideh - Metn.

Opening in Jounieh

Visit our new branch on Jounieh Highway, opening next month.

Worldwide Delivery

We are proud to announce that L'abeille d'or now delivers worldwide, contact us for details.